Craig Dunnagan

I recently listened to a seminar online hosted by Sovereign Grace Music. It was from 2008 and Featured Craig Dunnagan talking about writing songs people will want to sing.

He is one of the 'guys' at Integrity Music and either signs, publishes or knows practically every important worship songwriter around right now. It was incredibly insightful and I highly recommend listening to it if you have anything to do with worship or songwriting or both.

A few highlights.

“A great worship song sounds like anybody could have written it, but only one person did.

I’m not looking for good songs or even great songs; I’m looking for transforming songs

“I’m seeing songs of revelation and response. A deep truth presented in an accessible way and then a simple response that allows people to remember, sing and amplify that truth.”

The highest praise someone can give your song is that it helped them.”

Putting a simple scripture to solid music can be the most profound thing we can ever do.”

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