My Favorite ‘Other’ Job

I’ve had few different Jobs since College. I spent a few years as a Customer Service Specialist for an online musical instrument retailer, I cleaned carpets, and I worked at Circuit City until it closed. 

(I have been a professional interim worship leader several times, but this is about my favorite ‘other’ job. That would be my favorite ‘real’ job.)

I started as a seasonal, part-time employee and when we closed a year-and-a-half later I was the Operations Manager, Salaried and reporting only to the Store Manager. I spent most of my time at Circuit City as the Product Flow Team Supervisor. I was in charge of the support staff; merchandising, in-store signage, stocking, inventory control and all that kind of stuff. I loved that job. 

I was really good at it because I got to use almost all of my strengths and talents in the same place. I got to be creative, focused, visionary and relational all in the same position.

I had a vision of what my team was and what we could accomplish. I could also see and communicate how that vision supported my boss’s vision for the store.

Before the position became available I earned a reputation as the ‘idea guy’. As in “We can’t seem to make this thing (or process or whatever) work, let’s go ask the Idea guy what he would do.” I’ve always been good at thinking outside of the box and at stepping back and looking objectively at things. 

I also loved that job because of the people I worked with. My team was made up of mostly young college age guys, who needed a little seasoning and guidance in life. I had the responsibility to empower and encourage them to be better, not just to be better at work, but better. They all knew I loved Jesus, but I never forced that on anyone. (Except to completely outlaw using the Lord’s name in vain at work) I worked side by side unloading trucks and re-setting displays and developed real relationships with them. I really miss that and I miss them. Some of these guys were like my brothers.

There were things I didn’t love; having to be ruthless with deadlines and budgets due to our financial situation, or the drama and politics of corporate America.

 Mostly I miss the feeling of being myself and being paid for it. No, I didn’t have a guitar in my hands, but I only do that for the glory of God, so it wouldn’t have made sense anyway. 

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