Turning on a Dime.

This week I was scheduled to play acoustic guitar in worship, specifically because of a special music piece originally by Mumford and Sons that required a very strong acoustic guitar presence. Normally when I play acoustic and I'm not leading I learn harmonies. I didn't this week because there are already 3 other vocalists singing and it just wasn't necessary.

One of the other vocalists canceled.

The lead guitarist canceled.

So, in the first 5 minutes of rehearsal I had to take off 1 hat and put on 2 others.

Without my electric guitar gear.

So, the worship leader and I swapped guitars (he was planning to play clean rhythm the whole set, which he does often) and made the best of what we had.

My tone wasn't great, given that I was using his gear, which isn't set up to get lead guitar tones. He wasn't used to my guitar or how high the strap was set. (he even referred to me as Johnny Cash a few times)

All that said, we pushed through and ended with a plan for Sunday that included some action steps for improving before Sunday.

Honestly it was one of my favorite rehearsals ever, because we all had to lighten up, listen and just play.

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